31 Days of Food - 2012 Challenge

Hey y'all. Welcome to 31 Days of Food. (I know, my title is catchy, clever and unique. At least you know for sure what these posts will be about.)

Here's a list of posts I have done for this series. I'll (try) to update this daily so anyone reading this (Hi Momma! Hi Seester!) will have a table of contents of sorts for the posts I've done for this challenge.

Also, I needed a page to use as a permalink for the challenge.

Day 1 - Tortilla Soup in under 30 minutes

Day 2 - Japanese Curry and Rice

Day 3 - Breakfast Tacos

Day 4 - Slow Cooker Chili

Day 5 - Handmade Pizza Dough

Day 6 - White Pizza with Garlic-Olive-Basil Pesto

Day 7 - Capellini Pomodoro and Garlic Bread

Day 8 - Fried Pork Chops

Be sure to head over to the homepage for the 31 Day Challenge to see what everyone else is writing about. As of 1 AM on October 1, there are already nearly 500 blogs linked to the challenge. Last year there were over 700 bloggers who linked up.


Liberty said...

I just decided this morning to do 31 days of BOXLESS breakfasts - call me crazy..
Looking ofrwar dot seeing yours.

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