The post in which I willingly submit myself to the worst torture known to man

I may have lost my ever-loving mind. I am going to regret my decision in the next week.

I am going to let Jillian Michaels be my drill sargent. I'm going to do her 30 Day Shred program. Not to lose weight, but to tone up the flabby parts left after my 30 pound weight loss. And to keep from gaining any back, now that I'm not climbing 30+ flights of stairs every day. (Seriously. One night at work I refused to take the elevator. I lost count at 70. In a twelve hour period.)

Wish me luck. I'll probably regret this decision tomorrow. I'll post an update next Saturday.

Prayers. Please. For me (that Jillian doesn't kill me or cause me serious bodily harm) and my TV (that I don't throw my hand weights at Jillian mid-workout.

I'm beginning to hate laundry as much as i do dishes

For the last week I've been cleaning out our house. Sawyer moving out means packing all his stuff and moving it to his house. Now, I'm not wasting my gas to move his stuff. I am, however, packing all his belongings, one closet at a time.

And, y'all, I never thought it would be so difficult. I guess after eleven years of jumbling all our worldly possessions together it should be. Every box has to be gone through to pick what's mine from what's his. And the laundry this is creating. As I go through everything I'm finding clothes and blankets and quilts and outgrown baby stuff thrown in closets or in baskets in the corner "to pack up for storage later". It all needs to be washed before storing or donating. Think I'm kidding? I give you proof.

In case you can't tell, that's four (FOUR!) laundry baskets and a large plastic clothes hamper overflowing. In the past two weeks I bet I've washed twice that much laundry. And I still have both bedrooms upstairs and the closets in them to go. I'll be so glad when it's all done.

What monster have you been fighting this week? Have you conquered it yet, or are you still working toward your goal?

Free Kindle e-Books

I found a post today on the blog Savings Lifestyle I thought I would share. There are several new Kindle e-books available for FREE. I bought every one listed. At least one of them was a $25.00 book. Instead of stealing her post and listing each one, I'm giving you the link to the original blog post. Enjoy!

(Hey, Momma, there's even a gluten free book listed on there! For free!)
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