I'm leaving, in a PT Cruiser......

So I have the chance to go camping with my BFF and another friend of ours tonight. Belle is keeping Colt until I return in the morning. I have to go take care of the BFF. Her oldest sister died Labor Day weekend 1999, while we were in high school. She needs me tonight. I'll be out of pocket until sometime tomorrow morning (as in, almost NO cell phone signal) and I'll check back then, and post something new.

And yes, Momma, Tony will have signal on his cell phone. Belle has the number if she needs me. AT&T just hates the location we're going to, so BFF and I will only have one or two bars of signal, at best. Tony has Verizon, and his phone works great out there.

And as a plus, tomorrow is Day 1 of the happiest time of the year. College Football!!!!!!!!!

ROLL TIDE! (oh, and GO TEAM for whoever you pull for. Me and mine, we bleed Crimson and White!)


Helen H. David said...

Yes, we bleed Crimson and White!
Good to see you blogging again! Love you!

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