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I found a totally cool, totally free app for managing my master to-do list. My written to-do list is my brain's dumping ground for every time I think, "Oh, yeah. I need to..." Paper lists frustrate the Dickens out of me. They look so... disorganized. Disheveled. They look like they should come with a raging case of bed-head and kickin' morning breath.
Not so with this app. You type in your item and tap on the Done button. That's it. Drag and drop makes reordering and prioritizing a snap. You can cross items off your list when they're complete, or move the items to tomorrow if you need to. If you don't complete a task by the end of the day it automatically gets moved to the next day.

There are even two font options. Regular looks just like a regular typeface. Handwriting is a really pretty font to give your list that pretty (duh) handwritten feel, but neater.

The only problem, for those who want to pencil in an exact date to do something, is you can only view today and tomorrow in the Android app. That doesn't matter to me, though, since I use this as my master to-do list. If I need to schedule and actual date or time to do something I write it in my spiffy momAgenda planner (more on that at a later date).
Do It Tomorrow is more than an Android app. There are also apps for the iPhone, iPhone HD, iPad, and a web-based version (found at  And if you have a need for more than one version (say, for instance, a phone app, an iPad app, and the web version) you can set it up to sync between all the versions you (or your family) use. You just have to use the same email address in each version that you want to sync. Totally cool!

I have personally only tried the Android app, but I love it. It caters to my ADHD.

And now, for the mandatory fine print: I have not been paid in any way to write this post. The good folks behind Do It Tomorrow don't even know I'm writing this. I do have the free Android app, which I stumbled upon in the Android Market completely by accident. No one recommended this app to me. I didn't read about it anywhere before I saw it in the Market. The opinions expressed above are mine alone. The only version of Do It Tomorrow I have tried is the Android app. I have no idea if the other versions are just as cool.


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