Recomended reading - great blog post - 10 Tips to breastfeeding for a year

I recently read a great blog post regarding breastfeeding. It's a very well-written entry with very good tips for a new mother who is trying to learn to nurse her child. I wish I had read it before the birth of Colt. It is very well-written, and packed full of good info and encouragement. I recommend you read this, no matter if you are pregnant, currently beginning to nurse a newborn, or have been nursing for a while. I've been doing this for 5.5 months (by no means an expert), and it has helped me to just read it and think, "Now why didn't someone tell me that five months ago?"

10 tips to breastfeeding for a year

Some of the tips included I've already read elsewhere, but the depth given to each hint here is incredibly helpful. It's also highly encouraging, and makes me believe just that much more that I can and will nurse my son for at least his first year.


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