An introduction of the long-winded variety

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I thought I'd begin by going through my background, and what lead me to start this blog.
I'm 26 years old. You can call me Lulu. I am an "oldest child" with a Type-A OCD ADHD personality and not enough time. You could best describe my desk at home (as well as most of the flat surfaces of my house) as organized chaos, with hopes and dreams of becoming an organizer's heaven. I love being a mother and wife, and cooking. I hate (HATE) cleaning. I have a high school diploma, as well as an A.A.S in Design Drafting. I work at your Local Friendly Nuclear Plant. I am a plant operator, which means I open and close valves, start and stop pumps and motors, monitor plant vital signs, run tests on equipment, etc. I am proud of my job. I worked very hard to get and keep it (we're talking a screening test, face-to-face interview, 15 months of extremely intense classroom-type training, 6 oral examinations, countless weekly written exams, 6 written final exams, and 4 months of on-the-job training, all of which felt like I was cramming for exam week in college. If I failed any of the above, I would have been terminated).

My husband is 29. You can call him Sawyer. We were married in the summer of 2005. We dated/lived together for a little over 5 years before that. We were the couple that, on our wedding day during the reception, were told by several friends that they never thought we'd get around to actually saying "I do". Then, when we announced our pregnancy, we heard, "Finally!" Both events were much planned, as to when, where, etc. We set very definite goals to accomplish before each. We made sure to reach all those goals before proceeding. You would think with all that planning our house would be spotless! (Yeah, right. Dream on!)

My husband has an 11-year-old son. I'll call him Bo. He is such an awesome kid. He loves playing baseball and football. He loves dirt, motorized things (go-karts, ATVs), hunting, fishing, working on stuff with Daddy. An all-around boy. He's my baby. He knows it, too. He broke his arm (in two places!) when I was 35 weeks pregnant. He was riding his go-kart at our house and hit a bump in the yard and it flipped. Thank God he had his helmet on. He has never been allowed to ride anything without one. This made me so glad we made that a no-exceptions-ever rule. It could have been a lot worse. Thankfully, the doctors were able to set his arm without surgery, pins, plates, or anything worse.

My husband and I have a son who is currently 5 1/2 months old. We'll call him Colt. He was a very planned for baby. I'll get more into that later. He loves being tickled, songs, kisses, hugs, being read to, nursing, and sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. He LOVES his big brother. He's growing up more every day. It definitely DOES NOT seem like we should be getting ready to celebrate his half-birthday in a couple of weeks. He already has two (TWO) teeth, and is currently perfecting his rolling technique and trying to sit up on his own. (He can already sit some unsupported.) We think he's the bee's knees, just like his big brother.

I have a daughter that I gave birth to in Spring 2000. I was 16, a junior in high school, and gave her up for adoption to a couple that I chose for her. They live close to me, and we have an open adoption. My husband is not technically her father. We can see her whenever we choose. Her parents are the most wonderful people I could have ever chosen for her. She knows she is adopted, but doesn't yet know who her birth mother is. She will be told when she turns 18. She does, however, know me as a friend of the family. I won't be posting much about her, as this will primarily be a blog about active parenting. I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that she does exist. And that I love her very much, and wish my circumstances had been different back then, and that I could have raised her the way I feel she deserves. Of course, we would be capable (financially, residentially, emotionally, etc.) now, but it would have taken the first seven or eight years of her life for us to get there.

That's enough for now. I need to save some for later, I suppose. That has the basic characters out of the way. In the future, I'll do posts on our extended families, although I'll have to do "her fam" and "his fam" posts, since Sawyer has quite a few siblings (like, oh, 11 or so).


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