Back Again

I FINALLYhave my laptop set up. (Can anyone hear the chorus of Hallelujah in my head? Just me? Oh, well....)

I have set up a mini-office for the time being in our craft/hobby/work room. Just a table with laptop and monitor, but it's a start. This is just in time, as the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is just a few days away.

I've spent most of the evening installing Google Chrome, updating virus software and installing all 72 Windows updates my computer needed (yup - you read that right - 72!). Granted my laptop hasn't been connected to the internet since May of last year.... I know, shocking, isn't it? For the most part since May 2011, I have used the internet at work, on my phone, or on my boyfriend's laptop since then, so it's not like I was in danger of dying from lack of connectivity completely cut off from the interwebs.

All this to say, I still have my lists of topics I had thought of back last September or so, when I stopped blogging (again). I have thought of a few new ones, also. I also have a new (to me, even though I've lived here since December 1) house to organize and decorate. I also have a TON of personal-life updating to do. So MAYBE I'll be here a little more often. I'm thinking maybe every morning between my son's breakfast and lunch, or maybe each afternoon during nap time, I'll sit down and write a few posts and schedule them. I set up a little area for the boy to watch DVDs and color and stuff while I work, since the boyfriend was napping on the couch today while I set my "office" up, and I wanted the little tyke to stay relatively quiet for a little while so Mommy could get all this set up.

Now if that child would just cooperate and STAY IN THE %$#@#$^%$ bed.... (He's currently behind me making faces in the mirror propped against the wall. I've already tucked him in twice.....)


Arlee Bird said...

Came by for your A post. At least it sounds like your computer will be in tip top shape for April. Have a great time with the A to Z Challenge.

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