Thinking of doing a blog challenge for April

I was moderating a spam comment on my Blogger dashboard today, and happened to click on the "Blogs of Note" tab to see who was listed. Author Alex J. Cavanaugh was listed a few days ago, so I jumped over to check out his blog. Through his blog I found a link for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

It looks really cool, something good to flex underused writing muscles. The premise is you blog on any topic you want every day in April except most Sundays, as long as the topics are in alphabetical order. Or post pictures, or video, or whatever. As long as the subject is in alphabetical order each day. Since April starts on a Sunday this year, you do have to blog that day, but all the other Sundays you get off the hook.

I'm seriously considering doing this. As long as I don't get too lazy or forget. I'm currently trying to come up with a list of topics for each day.

Who wants to join me? There is a list on the A to Z page where you can link up, as well as banners you can put on your blog. You know, for accountability.


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