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I received this code in my email, and I thought I would post it here in case anyone is interested and sees them. Be advised, though, that all Udder Covers are on back order until September 15, 2010. This is not a big deal for me, as I'm keeping mine for myself (I want to try out the reusable nursing pads - could save a TON of money with our next child just by using these instead of disposables, plus be eco-friendly about it and all that).

You can get a free Udder Cover (retail value is $32) or an Udder Cover Gift Set for $5 (retail is $37). These are very nice nursing covers. They have six beautiful colors to choose from. I already own two Udder Covers (one solid light blue, which they no longer offer, and one "Jones", a cream color with a beautiful light blue pattern), and have just ordered myself a Gift Set in "Elsa". My total for each Udder Cover I already own was $9.95 (which is the total shipping cost, as each of my Udder Covers was absolutely FREE!). My total for my Gift Set I just ordered in $14.95.

OK, for the good stuff: The promo code is "Breastfeeding". I'm not sure how long it is valid for, so you may want to hurry. Rush on over to right NOW! This code can be used more than once, but you will have to open a new browser window and pay the $9.95 shipping for each item ordered. Meaning, each item ordered has to be a completely separate order. Pain in the but, I know. I promise if you're pregnant and planning to breastfeed, or know who someone is, or just haven't bought one for yourself/someone else yet, then it is definately worth the $$$ in shipping charges for one or more of these.

The Udder Cover Gift Set includes one Udder Cover in the color of your choice, a color-coordinating MilkBands bracelet, and a pack of 4 reusable UdderCovers breast pads.

Look for my separate post, a review of my Udder Covers, if you'd like my totally unbiased, not-paid-for-in-any-way-except-my-two-free-plus-shipping-Udder-Covers opinion. (The only reason I got them for free is because I happened to stumble across a code like the one I'm giving on someone's blog. Now that I've ordered from them before, I get codes emailed to me periodically. This means if you don't wanna buy one today, that's OK because I get these codes emailed to me every month or two, so there will be more.)

****I have not received any direct compensation from Udder Covers. I did receive both of my Udder Covers for free (plus shipping charges), however, I received them for free using a promo code open to everyone who wished to use that code. Udder Covers has not, directly or indirectly, compensated me in any way for blogging about their awesome product. If the wish to do so, I would be more than happy to take soem free stuff off their hands.


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