Playing catch-up

Where to begin???

Colt's first birthday has passed us by. It was amazing! I've never been so happy, and yet want to curl into the fetal position and cry, all at the same time. We celebrated the **actual** day relatively low-key. I had been building his massive swingset all day (it took five total, his birthday being day two) so I just cooked us dinner. He did have a cake with a "#1" candle, however. I took a building break long enough to run to Walmart and pick up a small cake for him.

We had already planned a huge birthday bash for him, so just the cake at home was fine. We had the pleasure of over 40 guests at his party. That's what we get for having such a big family, I guess. There was lots of love and laughter to go around. Thanks to all who brought presents (even though no one knows my true identity)!

(Well, that's not entirely true. My mom and sis know. They're the only ones. And it better stay that way, too!)

I can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore. That makes me so sad, and yet so excited at the same time. I'm nostalgic for the days when I could nurse him and he would let me snuggle him (mainly because he was too little to do anything about it) for hours on end. Now he doesn't want to snuggle except for when he first wakes up (if you're lucky to get him to snuggle then). Instead, he gives kisses now. All you have to do is ask him for some sugar. He'll come from across the living room to give me one of his sweet kisses. He's getting thisclose to walking, yet he's still hesitant to let go and take that first step But soon, he'll be running through the house.

And counting. It's so funny. Sawyer will tell him to do something, and then start the counting-to-three bit. As soon as Daddy tells him "One..." he smiles and replies, "Tee" (three). He can't say one or two yet, but he knows three is in there somewhere. Either that or he's a smart aleck like his momma daddy, and he's finishing the count before daddy does.

He has 13 teeth now. With number 14 close. He has all of his incisors (central and lateral), all of his 1-year molars, and one canine tooth.

He can throw a ball. Or block. Or remote. Or shoe... Pretty much anything he can pick up, he throws. He caught me in the nose with his bottle Wednesday night. Bruised the bridge of my nose good for a couple of days. Tuesday night he busted my lip with the back of his head while sitting in my lap on the couch. Ah, the battle scars of parenthood!

He likes to swim. We have a pool from Wally World. A friend of ours down the road has an in-ground pool. He loves both. He hated the pool at first. I eventually (with the help of a baby pool and a really hot couple of days to warm the water) got him to love it. Now he'll swim as long as you will.

He loves his new swingset. He's only used his baby swing, but he usually falls asleep in it.

He got a three-wheeler (pedal operated, like a big plastic tricycle) from our friends for his birthday. He loves it. He can't pedal it yet, but he'll sit on it and scoot around using his feet to push himself.

He has added a few more words to his vocabulary. Now he can say Daddy, Brother, Bite-bite, Bye-bye, Horsie, Bottle, Titty (thanks to his Daddy), Three, and Thank you! All that along with his jibber-jabber that only he understands. He can also sign "I love you".

He loves for me to sing to him. Any song. Doesn't matter. As long as I'm singing.

He's slowly weaning off baby food of any kind. (He still occasionally gets fruit mixed with baby cereal for breakfast. I figure it can't hurt him. He usually gets the Third Foods level of lasagna, chicken and vegetables, or the like for lunch. Or the Toddler cups of soup Gerber makes. Dinner is whatever we have. I make sure to cook things helikes and can eat.)

He likes pizza, but I don't think it liked him. We had it for dinner the other night. We thought he'd never go to sleep that night. Then he wouldn't stay asleep for long at a time. I think maybe it gave him heartburn. So pizza is out for a while for him.

I just want to slow it all down, take it all in, memorize every smile and word and game of catch. I don't want to forget a single thing about this time in our lives. I want him to be this little for a little longer. Now, if only I knew how to make it happen.


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